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Photo on board

Photo on the board

Photographs on durable aluminum plates or photo panels, suitable for offices, business premises and hotels.

Greeting cards – congratulations with dedication

The designers in the Wardrobe have prepared fun bear greeting cards or greeting cards, which we are happy to include as a gift for free – of course with your dedication.

Personalized cotton bags

Convenient cotton bags should always be on hand. They are useful for many different purposes. The smallest can be for a small change, in the middle you can store handkerchiefs and a phone, and in the larger one, for example, documents of your dog or cat. Printing is possible in colors or in one color […]

Printing on demanding products

We also like to help with printing on more demanding products – contact us and we will see how we can help you.

We ship worldwide

If your country is not listed, let us know.


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Premium quality print

Durable and soft touch print in vibrant colors.

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