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Design graphics for printing on T-shirts

Designing graphics for t-shirt printing is a specific branch of design. In addition to the basic graphic principles, the T-shirt should also take into account that the “medium” is a T-shirt, ie a very intimate piece of clothing worn over the torso. Not only is it well visible to everyone we meet and talk to, but it also affects our well-being. Which t-shirt do you choose in the morning? Observe yourself. In addition to how comfortable the T-shirt is to wear, you probably also choose the design that are print on the T-shirt.

T-shirts are printed differently than paper. The print resolution is lower and the positioning of the graphics also needs to be adjusted to the model (size) of the T-shirts. Both images (say .png files) and vector graphics (.pdf) are suitable for printing in the Wardrobe. Our machines are also capable of color gradients, rasters and small details, practically anything you can print on paper. However, when preparing files, keep in mind that it is a “living” medium.

We are happy to show designers the printing process and advise them on how to start preparing graphics for printing.

We also offer the preparation of graphics:

  • you can use our free design tool. All ready-made designs are available for you to use, you can choose a template and change it according to your inspiration. Please note that all templates are copyrighted and can only be used for designs that you order from us. You can design here .
  • With the help of the same tool , you can also upload your own graphics and images – and use them to further edit, correct and refine them.
  • Most of the t-shirts we offer among the ready-made graphics are suitable for redesign. Combinations of several graphics are also possible. For additional wishes, you can write to us at info @ garderoba .si . Changes in graphics are associated with lower additional costs.
  • Sometimes, though, you’ll need more t-shirts and a more sophisticated design. Garderoba works with several quality designers who understand t-shirt printing and will be happy to help you. You can order the design of logos, T-shirt graphics, corporate images and other graphics via the e-mail darja @ garderoba .si .

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