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Gajcom t-shirt printing house

Gajcom T-shirt printing house

GAJCOM – T-shirt printing house

T-shirt printing is not an ordinary printing house. It does not print on paper, but on T-shirts, hoodie , jackets, bags and the like, practically on all textiles. In Gajcom, T-shirts have been happily tested for many years. They know the products very well and know how to advise which ones will be most suitable for you. T-shirts are supplied to tourist destinations, caterers, manufacturing companies (work clothes), online stores that use their products and print to design their brand on T-shirts, as well as anyone who likes to give an interesting unique T-shirt for their birthday.

The latter is taken care of by their garderoba brand .si . Maybe you have ever visited their printing house Garderoba in Ljubljana’s Kolosej? Well, this store is now closed – but they continue to operate smoothly in Vevče in Ljubljana.

Online store for personal, personalized and unique gifts

The team Garderoba .si in Vevče in Ljubljana takes care of a good stock of quality T-shirts, as well as other products that can be print , and are suitable for interesting and useful gifts, such as mugs , bags, hats, hoodie and umbrellas. The quality of products and prints is the same if you only need one product for a birthday gift or thousands of products for promotional gifts or for resale. In the online store Garderoba .si you can also see ideas for print for gifts za dekliščino , bachelorette parties, business and personal holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, and with the greatest dedication they also print unique items – even photos. You can also order unique print products online. If you need help with design, write to them by e-mail info @ garderoba .si or call them.

Delivery and printing of T-shirts in one place

Quality comes first, which does not mean that Gajcom did not take care of good prices. Their print is durable, elastic and soft to the touch. The print will remain beautiful for a long time, so it is appropriate to print on quality T-shirts, which are chosen by the Gajcom printing house on the basis of many years of experience – always with the thought that they must primarily suit customers. T-shirts stay beautiful for a long time, and above all, they are really comfortable to wear. You can find them in the online store , but you can also see them live in their exhibition space in Vevče.

The quality of products and printing in Gajcom is especially suitable for anyone who wants to sell their brand of T-shirts online. They will be able to help you design this and all stages from the delivery of T-shirts and printing to packaging and distribution. You can make an appointment for an informative meeting during the week between 9 am and 3 pm by e-mail

Did you know that t-shirts can be printed in several different printing techniques? In Gajcom, they have chosen techniques that are definitely durable.

When you need a small amount of T-shirts or unique ones, T-shirts are printed digitally. Printing is just as durable as classic screen printing – the colors are elastic, vibrant and durable. Such print is called DTG, but it is a special printer that prints images directly on the T-shirt. They can print multicolor graphics and inscriptions, there are practically no restrictions. If you want a larger series of T-shirts, the same graphics can be print very cheaply even on larger machines in the screen printing technique – this is more affordable, and the quality is of course guaranteed.

They are so confident in their inks and machines that they also offer them to other printers who print on T-shirts (screen printing, DTG, sublimation, foil). All materials are in stock at the Ljubljana warehouse at all times. If you are also interested in how to print on T-shirts, you can even register for a printing course via the portal in the section for printers.

Welcome to Garderoba and Gajcom.

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