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Greeting cards – congratulations with dedication

Always greet with lots of words, a warm handshake and a hug?
Sometimes that doesn’t work, so when you can’t surprise your birthday boy or girl with your live greeting card, you can send a greeting card. The designers in the Wardrobe have prepared fun bear greeting cards or greeting cards, which we are happy to include as a gift for free – of course with your dedication. How do you order a free greeting card in addition to a gift ( print T-shirt, hoodie , mugs , apron, bag, pillow or some other unique print product)? Simple – follow these instructions.

What is a greeting card?
Greeting cards – greeting cards are beautifully designed postcards that usually leave some space so that we can write our beautiful wishes on them. We wish them all the best for their birthday, wish them good luck on the New Year, or congratulate them on their achievements and anniversaries. Designing greeting cards is a real art. In some parts of the world, greeting card makers have also provided poetic greeting cards. There are real self-service shops with greeting cards, where you can find graphics and verse for just about any occasion. If your uncle’s grandfather is celebrating his uncle’s wife, you will most likely find a greeting card intended for the great-grandfathers of your uncle’s wives :). The choice is so great that you actually have the feeling again that you are giving away something unique.

What is written in the greeting card?
Well, our opinion is that the most genuine greetings are still the ones that come from the heart of the one who is waxing. How do you like to wax? In the Wardrobe we have designed some greeting cards for different occasions. If you haven’t found the right one, let us know and we’ll add another design . However, we accept your unique greeting ideas – so you write what you would like to say, and we will nicely print your message and insert it into the greeting card. We really look forward to every genuine greeting and promise to give it to the gift with all due respect and love.

Why are greeting cards free?
They are not all. If you need greeting cards for more occasions, you can of course buy them. We are currently giving you one greeting card together with the ordered gift so that we can send it to the gift recipient on your behalf. This makes the already unique and beautiful gifts even more personal – because on the greeting card you can also describe in your own words what you wanted to convey with the gift, how you chose it and what the recipient means to you.

Need more greeting cards? Send us your wishes and we will prepare an offer. Write to us at info @ garderoba .si

All our greeting cards – congratulations can be found here . If you have not found a suitable one, let us know your wishes and we may add some more according to your suggestion 🙂

Will you be creating a gift print graphic with the help of our design tool? It’s quite simple. You can find it here .

Want to take advantage of our design ideas? Take a walk around the online store and let us know what you like best.

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