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How is it now with the takeover in the Wardrobe?

You ordered a t-shirt online. What now?

Since we closed the printing house at the Colosseum, you often ask us this. All the worries are actually superfluous, because our collection point in Vevče is functioning completely normally. We are available for collection from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 4.30 pm.

Why Vevce?

The Gajcom printing house in Vevče has been operating for almost 30 years. 10 years ago, we decided to get closer to a wider audience and open a branch office at the Colosseum. We named it Garderoba and also opened a company with that name. We set up a real little printing house there, you were used to coming, talk to one of our colleagues, who also helps you prepare the graphics for the T-shirt, and then order and agree when you come to order. Well, now it’s all pretty similar all together, only it takes place in Gajcom; online store www. the .si garderoba is owned by Gajcom doo

How is personal ordering done?

It is advisable to announce your arrival by e-mail info @ garderoba .si or call us on 0590 12 558 so that we can expect you. We organized the work a little differently than in the Colosseum. There you came to order only one T-shirt or a few T-shirts, usually smaller quantities. The Gajcom printing house is mainly a wholesale printing house, there are also meetings for larger quantities, and we like to see our customers spread out during the day, so that we can really dedicate ourselves to each one. If you only order one t-shirt, you are just as important to us as someone who orders thousands of t-shirts. We like to take time for everything.

When can I pick up my order?

Have you already ordered a T-shirt through the online store? Great! In this case , we will inform you when the T-shirt is ready to be picked up and you can contact us whenever you want (of course during our working hours, between 7 am and 4.30 pm).

Did you order via e-mail? We will notify you by email when the T-shirt is ready and you will be able to pick it up.

Need help with design?

Even in this case, you can call, but it is it is desirable that the graphics or. at least the wishes of what you will need, send in the mail first info @ garderoba .si and also tentatively agree on when you will come, so that we can finalize everything regarding the press.

How long does it take for a t-shirt to be print ?

Once everything is settled in terms of printing, your t-shirt goes to the queue at the printing house. The printing process itself takes at least 30 minutes (printing and drying), which is a technological part of printing that cannot be avoided – it is necessary to get a nice print and a washable durable T-shirt. Of course, our machines are quite busy, so T-shirts don’t come in line right away, but have to wait – usually daily orders are print back here the next business day.

If you need a T-shirt “immediately”, tell us – we will check what we can do and do our best to suit you.

If we are not in such a hurry, trust us when you need the T-shirt at the latest – so that we don’t rush unnecessarily and at the same time so that we don’t accidentally procrastinate too much. We really want you to get the kind of t-shirts you envisioned when you needed them.

And where do you really find us?

Our address is Gajcom doo, Pot heroja Trtnika 45, 1000 Ljubljana. We are located at Papirnica Vevče, right next to the beautiful Ljubljanica – you can reach us by the fire escape to the right of the building. Just in front of our entrance, three reserved parking spaces are waiting for you.

Did you visit us in a wheelchair? Call us on 01 54 22 300 and we will come to pick you up by elevator.

Did you come with a child who sleeps in your car and you don’t want to leave him alone? Call us and we will bring your order to the parking lot.

Are you uncomfortable coming up the fire escape? Call us, we will come looking for you on the inner stairs.

Do you have a dog with you? You can easily bring it with you, dogs are always welcome with us.

We ship worldwide

If your country is not listed, let us know.


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