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Organic cotton – a popular material

Organic cotton has many advantages over conventionally grown cotton. It is certainly an important aspect of protecting the environment during the production process – and even more impressive is the fact that products made from more “valuable” materials are also made more precisely, more sophisticatedly – and above all with greater attention to actual use value.

Stanley and Stella organic cotton products , which can now also be found in our wholesale offer , are extremely thoughtfully made. All T-shirts are made of 100% organically grown cotton with all the certificates that might interest you. Products that contain something other than cotton are partly made of organic cotton and partly made of recycled materials. mostly made of recycled polyester.

Stanley and Stella products are sewn with quality thread in the color of the base material, as well as quality and ecological materials. You will be especially convinced by the quilting – all the seams are made extremely durable, nice, and above all high quality.

Stanley and Stella itself comes from Belgium, and most of the products are manufactured in Bangladesh – of course under vigilant supervision and with all the necessary certificates and more. The stock is stable and large in their warehouse in Belgium, and we order from the warehouse every week or at least every 14 days. For smaller orders, you have to wait a little longer – but when you order larger quantities, we make an independent order for you, so the delivery time is within one week.

Stanley and Stella visit our printing house regularly. Namely, their policy is to entrust the sale of their products only to quality printing houses. We are proud of our good cooperation. You can see more about printing techniques, which were also approved by the representative of Stanley and Stella, in the presentation of the Gajcom printing house .

Stanley and Stella organic cotton products are extremely suitable for building your brand on T-shirts. If you are also building your own brand, join our group on FB: My brand on t-shirts .

Organic cotton is convincing in itself because of its softness and pleasant wearing. An additional factor of reliability is that it is a more expensive material, which clothing manufacturers handle more carefully.

For larger quantities, we provide special quantity discounts and a larger selection of T-shirt models. We know you will want to have t-shirts and other products in your colors. In addition to T-shirts , the online wholesale store also offers hats , umbrellas , textile bags , sports T-shirts and pants , polo shirts , jackets , towels and other materials. Most products can be print here or tied. Organic cotton is currently predominant and the most popular – but there are also a huge number of products made from classically grown cotton and other materials that work extremely well. We have a lot of experience and feedback from our customers, which we are happy to share with you.

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