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Personalized Christmas T-shirts

Give yourself a uniform print -shirt for the holidays this year. Find cute T-shirts with holiday design in the online store, and then order personalized print e-inscriptions – you can choose yourself in the ordering section. An inscription can be a name. It can be a cuddly name. It can be a title (mother, grandmother, father, children, aunt, uncle, grandson, granddaughter, sister, brother …) But you can, of course, invent anything of your own.

You will be even more connected in the same print t-shirts. You can simply donate them and wear them for photography. But you can also use the T-shirts for a game.

You can invite all the participants to the party to do something fun and get presents. They can sing, dance, tell a joke, play something, serve everyone a drink and say a toast … If you don’t have good ideas, write down some suggestions on slips of paper – then anyone who comes to the queue can choose one of the slips and follow what it says on the slip. Of course, these tasks should not be too demanding and should be such that they will not be annoying to anyone – but they must still be so demanding that they will have to work a little harder. Make sure everyone laughs or congratulates each other after each successful task. Help those who are not doing well. A good organizer stands by the side of all participants.

If you are going to send gifts by post this year, we can do it for you – write to us and we will arrange.

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