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Photo on board

Photo on the board

Chromalux photo panels

they are ideal for print quality photos that do not need a frame (although you can add one).

The first photo panels in the online store are the design Martin Jelovšek , an amateur photographer.

Features of Chromaluxe photo panels

  • high-quality aluminum plate, resistant to shocks and twisting during normal use (if it falls to the ground or hits you hard on it, it can bend and be damaged)
  • quality coating suitable for sublimation print .
  • The print quality depends on the printer, colors, paper, and print settings. The surface allows print in photo-quality, very realistic colors.
  • the print is durable, laboratory tests show that the colors will not change for 50 years (valid for indoor use).
  • abrasion resistant
  • resistant to most cleaners, so the panels are also suitable for rooms where small children stay, kitchens, bathrooms and the like.
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