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Printing on demanding products

Sometimes we surprise ourselves too – we push something that we would say can’t be said at all. This time, Stanka wanted to put the press on the towel and we pushed it. She was obviously very pleased to send us a thank-you card – and it was written on her hands and sent by mail.

We print mainly on t-shirts and sweaters – our press is always durable. However, we print in several techniques, which we choose according to what we print and what material we print. What products we’re still printing, take a look here. For larger quantities, please visit our wholesale page.

We know all our products quite well and we know what technique the press best tolerates. Above all, we know what machine and file settings we need for an optimal result. That’s why we’re very reluctant to print on the products you bring to the press. Because even when we know the products well, a lot can happen in the press. The shirt can get dirty, it can break, the press can fail completely, it’s smeared or indented. When we print on products that we supply, we simply replace incorrectly printed products and you won’t even know that we didn’t do well. However, if it is a product that you have brought to the press yourself, we cannot do so. That’s why you’re taking the risk. If the product is damaged in any way, or if the printing fails, the product or its value cannot be refunded.

Different printing techniques and different colors are adapted to materials.

Cotton products are printed in DTG, screen printing and transfer techniques. For bright polyester products we use sublimation or foil printing. We also embroide on some products … We have a lot of experience and our clients give us the choice of press technique to fully trust us. If you order for the first time, we will look forward to your personal visit, and we are happy to show you how we work.

Thank you for believing that we also know what we have to learn 😉 And thank you for taking the time to tell us that you like what we’re doing.

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