The older the crazier Fico




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You can also print the design on any other Garderoba product . If you want this or want to print something completely new, send us your wishes by email and we will design the product / design as desired.

The older the crazier Fico

Need a fun and unique gift for the elderly person in your life? The motif “Older, crazier Fico” with years of desire is just that! Choose from a range of products and design a completely unique, personal and gift t-shirt. Whether you are gifting a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend or any other person, you will definitely make her laugh with this gift. So choose any t-shirt or hoodie of your choice and help them celebrate another year of youth.

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T-shirt Older, crazier Fico

Older more crazy Fico – is a fun and unique gift for the older person in your life. Over the years, as you wish for them, this gift will surely make them smile. So choose any t-shirt or hoodie and help them celebrate another year of youth. In the appropriate field, enter the desired years that will be taken into account in the production.

What are you waiting for? Make someone’s day even better today!

T-shirt Older, crazier Fičo is a wonderful birthday present

for all the lovers of antiques in your life. They’ll love the message, as there’s an old-fashioned car on the T-shirt, and they’ll laugh every time they wear it.

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