Nothing serious is happening

by Connectees




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Nothing serious is happening

They can convince us as much as they want, we know life is not that serious!
Nothing serious is happening.
Do you have friends who take everything terribly seriously?
And when you tell them life isn’t that serious, do they still take you seriously? 🙂 Probably not.
Astonish them with this t-shirt – you will surely be surprised by their response!

Nothing serious going on

Believing that life is not a very serious thing can work miracles for you.
Do you have friends that take everything very seriously? And when you tell them that life is not so serious after all, do they take you seriously? 🙂
Give them something to fret or to laugh about wearing this t-shirt or even better – giving it to them!
Surprise and be delighted by their response!


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Author: Darja Kaltnekar