Pulover Kraljica
Pullover Queen

Pullover Queen

You can also print the motif on any other Wardrobe product . If you want this or want to print something completely new, send us your wishes by email and we will design the product / motif as desired.

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Strošek dostave v Sloveniji, ta teden samo 1€!

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Pullover Queen

What is life without love? Crown your love with a unique and high-quality Queen sweater, which is a wonderful unique gift. Even small attention counts. The queen moves around the chessboard prudently, gracefully and it is this message that you convey to your person. All the figures guard her and feel respect for her. If you also feel this way about your queen at home, these t-shirts will definitely make you happy.

Let her know that she means a lot to you and that you look at her through the eyes of an admirer. She will appreciate the gift of attention and her message. On top of that, she will remember your positive message every time she wears a sweater. You will give her more than a moment.

You can give the sweater as a gift for various celebrations such as a birthday or anniversary, as well as a holiday gift for Women’s Day or as a gift of attention.


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