Unique unisex hooded hoodie


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Design your own in a web designer. Print a photo, caption, graphic, or anything else. If you need help, write us your wishes and we will help you with the production.

Unique unisex hooded hoodie

A unique unisex hooded hoodie , hoodie or hoodie , some even call it a sweatshirt. If it is uniquely print , it is a trendy, fun and personal gift that will make your loved ones happy.

We recommend them for upgrading classic T-shirts, ie for gifts when we want to give something more. Hoodies are ideal especially in the transition periods, spring and autumn, but they are also very desirable in winter. Groups such as scouts, teams on teambuildings, final trips … often decide on a hoodie . We can print them all the same, or personalize them with names, various labels, and so on.

The unique unisex hooded hoodie can also be print with photos and demanding graphics, there are practically no restrictions. Send us your graphics or upload them yourself using the file upload tool. You can design graphics and captions right in our tool – you can use all the fonts and images you can find. Many of the graphics are ready to edit so you can enter your captions and play on.

Unisex hooded hoodie (for women we advise you to order one size smaller)

  • 280 g / m2
  • 80% cotton
  • 20% polyester
  • without side seams
  • patent and edge with elastane
  • the pocket has a hidden headphone hole

Size chart

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