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You can also print the design on any other Garderoba product . If you want this or want to print something completely new, send us your wishes by email and we will design the product / design as desired.

Vintage best of (Enter a year)

Those were the golden times … it was written in 1980. Surely you know someone from this “limited series” or even you were born this year. Give this print t-shirt for a birthday or just like that (for the forum) and goodwill is guaranteed.

Free choice of model, size and color of t-shirts. If you have special wishes, please share your info with us – there is a special notes section in the basket. We’re happy to make them happen for you!

Note: The colour of the print is adjusted to the selected colour of the shirt.
If the caption is black and you want a darker color of the shirt, the color of the caption will be white.


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