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Quality printing on wardrobe shirts

Quality printing on T-shirts

Quality t-shirt printing

sometimes it’s magic, it all depends on the quality of the equipment, colors and of course the knowledge of how to put this color on the shirt 🙂

After years of experience, we can safely say that our print is durable – whether we are printing just one T-shirt or several T-shirts.

When is the press bad, when is it good?

DTG printing (short for Direct to Garment) carries many pitfalls. Not all DTG prints are durable and we have been able to see this for ourselves many times. Not all printers are good, and more importantly, not every color is right.

A good print on T-shirts means an elastic print in vibrant colors that is washable and pleasant to the touch.

What is our t-shirt printing like?

Our t-shirt printer uses premium water-based ink that we dry in an air chamber. The T-shirts are washable immediately after drying, and the print is soft to the touch and elastic. We always push only what is needed. So no unnecessary white borders and soft to the touch.

Sometimes you ask us if the print will be “like a sticker”.

No, our print is not a sticker unless you want to, of course. What you mean when you say label is another printing technique called PrintFlex or foil printing. We use this for print products where the print space is more difficult to access or not flat – for example, hats with a visor, various bags, jackets and the like. In any case, this more compact print is not glued to the product, but it is also washable and very durable.

We always push just what you want.

Whenever possible, we advise that any background be removed – this gives even more softness to the print on the T-shirts. However, if you also want to print a “frame” or background graphics, of course we can do that and the durability stays the same. Even the printing of fuller images on T-shirts is elastic, soft to the touch and washable.

Printing on colored T-shirts

it is even less demanding for us than on white t-shirts. Although inks for printing on textiles are not opaque and it is necessary to add a lower white layer on colored T-shirts, printing on colored T-shirts is also soft to the touch, elastic, vibrant and, of course, washable.

Maintenance print T-shirts

The maintenance instructions apply the same to all printed products, regardless of whether you ordered the print from us or bought it elsewhere. The basic rules for the maintenance of all printed products are: wash at a temperature of up to 40 degrees, always turn the products before washing so that the print is on the inside of the garment. When that’s not possible, don’t bother, sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Avoid washing printed products along with coarse fabrics such as jeans or towels. Rubbing can damage the print.

We recommend air drying and do not iron over the print.

Never, but really never, soak printed products. Avoid hand washing. If you already have to wash your T-shirt on your hands, rinse it off and don’t change it for too long.

Otherwise, if a printed T-shirt from the Garderoba will ever “escape” into the dryer, there will be nothing wrong with it. You will only shorten its lifespan, otherwise the print will not fall off or fade.

What print ati on a t-shirt?

Once the technical requirements are harmonized so that everything runs smoothly, we can focus on the content. T-shirt designs – from captions to photos – are becoming our biggest challenge. And we solve it with the greatest pleasure together with you.

The online store offers around 3,500 different ready-made graphics for various occasions and as many as 65 products on which you can order your unique print .

What about quantity discounts?

Quantity discounts for small orders of up to 30 pieces are available in the online store. If you need more pieces for your promotion or special occasions, you can contact us in person and look together at catalogs and product samples on which your graphics, logo or inscription can be printed. You can also view our wholesale online store and order products and request a print offer online. You can write to us or call us – in any case we are happy to make a wholesale offer.

Printing is of the same quality if we print one T-shirt, a few dozen, hundreds or thousands of T-shirts.

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