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Sometimes we buy a T-shirt for a “unique occasion”, for example za dekliščino girl or a boy, for a birthday, or for a final trip to school or a club. this is seldom true.

But what does the quality of a T-shirt actually mean?

1. material

The choice of material is important, most often customers opt for 150 to 190 gram cotton or a slightly thinner material with accessories such as elastane. Between 150 and 190 grams are the thickness of T-shirts that you can wear in summer and in winter they look like undershirts. From a maintenance point of view, this is a weight that ensures that the T-shirt will stay beautiful for a long time. You can just fold it or lick it quickly, as it doesn’t wrinkle too much.

2. tailoring and sewing

Tailoring has a key effect on how your shirt will fit. Promotional brands, which are also used by Garderoba , are known for using very standard and tried-and-tested cuts, which fit extremely well into most poses. ? That the seam was no longer quite on the side, but moved forward on one side and backward on the other? Such a T-shirt is very annoying to iron and fold, and even when we put it on, we have a strange feeling that everything is sticking out somewhere… Such a T-shirt is not cut properly, so the material shrinks at different lengths and this delay occurs. This phenomenon is more common in T-shirts made of thinner material. Why? Because these t-shirts are cheaper and all the material is used, even if it is wrongly cut in the end… Therefore, we recommend materials over 150 grams thick.

3. models, colors and sizes

Most manufacturers offer T-shirts and other products (it’s a hoodie , jackets…) in several models. The basic models of T-shirts are: men’s (usually unisex), men’s tight-fitting model, women’s tailored model, children’s model (sometimes it is different for girls than for boys, but usually a children’s T-shirt is unisex). Classic versions of T-shirts are short and long sleeves, there is of course a sleeveless T-shirt (with straps), a T-shirt can have a polo collar, and less often a V-neck, increased neckline for women’s T-shirts and more. Most models exist in several colors all models are available in at least black and white. Some models also offer 50 or more different colors. If you are ever looking for a specific shade of T-shirts, we have a system that allows us to search for a specific shade of T-shirts from different manufacturers. Read more: info @ garderoba .si . The choice of colors in our country is limited to basic, but fashionable and very useful colors – we wanted to make it easier for you to choose colors when buying gifts. The models we use in the wardrobe are European sizes, usually T-shirts for adults in sizes S to XXL , some models also exist XS and even XXS, but of course increased numbers up to 6XL. Some we have in stock, others we can order especially for you.

In the Wardrobe we use T-shirts from renowned manufacturers, which have also been thoroughly tested by our customers. The responses have been very positive, so we can say that the T-shirts are of good quality. However, if you wanted another model or. another t-shirt manufacturer, let us know your wishes. Namely, we work with many different manufacturers and can supply T-shirts from most world-renowned promotional brands.

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