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T-shirts for clubs and societies

T-shirts for clubs and societies or merch

Do you have your own club or company?

You definitely have your own logo, slogan or some recognizable symbols. Each society uses a sign that connects all members. Societies usually take care of society t-shirts. They order a larger quantity of the same print T-shirts in stock and then sell or give them to their members. Thus, at society meetings, gatherings, events and picnics, all members can be equally dressed and recognizable.

When more people are dressed in the same T-shirts, a more homogeneous team is created, and the photos are more beautiful 🙂

Merch are T-shirts (and other products) that the association sells for several purposes:

  • additional source of income
  • paid advertising – people buy, for example, a T-shirt with your logo and thus pay for and wear your advertising
  • developing the story of the society
  • strengthening the sense of belonging to the association due to professionally designed promotion

How the Garderoba helps societies in designing their collection of promotional products and also in sales can be seen in the Teesky project description. We designed Teesky to help societies that don’t want to sell their own merch products (because they can’t, shouldn’t, or don’t want to).

Do you occasionally hang out with a closed circle of friends who share the same hobby or activity?

You don’t have to be organized to the point of having your own society. If you share a common interest and socialize occasionally (as a club or just as a closed group), you can also think of your own t-shirts.

We are happy to help you design your trademark or slogan and easily print a small amount of T-shirts there.

Even Teesky is happy to accept ideas that don’t have some business form. If you have an idea that is suitable for Teesky, contact us.

Would you like to wear the same T-shirts from time to time?

Do girls go to dinner together every eighth of March? Would you like to dress the same? Such an idea is no feat – you can also order only two, three, four equally print T-shirts.

Do you go to basketball with the boys and then go out for a beer together? Why not be a team even after training?

Do you sing in a choir, are you a member of a music group, do you organize children’s performances at a music school?

Group t-shirts help to alleviate fear and connect the team more.

We can also equip children’s collections with T-shirts that will stay beautiful for a long time.

Theater teams also like to dress nicely and equally at rehearsals and after the general. And it never hurts if you have a few extra shirts. You can give them to people who help you, or offer them for purchase to your supporters or enthusiasts. We also have ideas for products that you can offer for sale with your autographs.

Are you choosing work clothes for your company or organization?

T-shirts are basic workwear, if they are the same and the same print , then the whole team will be even more connected. T-shirts must be provided to all employees, but they are not necessarily the same. You will equip waiters differently than chefs. Commercial travelers will feel better in polo shirts, while the purchasing director will prefer to wear a shirt. All models are available in many sizes and colors.

Of course, the quality of the T-shirts and the long-lasting print are also important – we are happy to advise you when choosing such T-shirts.

Do you want to give T-shirts as a business or promotional gift?

T-shirts are available in several price ranges, while the price of printing is lower for larger quantities. Quantities are not limited and various combinations are possible. Contact us for more information on good solutions for promotional T-shirts.

There is also a wholesale online store where you can find many models of T-shirts and other products suitable for promotion.

Are you flirting with the thought of designing your own t-shirt brand?

We have a huge solution and good suggestions for you, as we help in all phases of building a brand that follows the conceptual design itself.

We supply quality products that are colorful on your skin and will be right for your customers.

Of course, we take care of quality and affordable print , but we also help with packaging and shipping, and for some customers even in the promotion of their brand and online sales .

You can also join us at several events and in a closed group on FB , where we share experiences and good practices.

Want to order multiple t-shirts at once?

Ordering more T-shirts at the same time means a lower price per piece.

For larger quantities, we provide special quantity discounts and a larger selection of T-shirt models .

We know you will want to have t-shirts and other products in your colors. In addition to T-shirts , the online wholesale store also offers hats , umbrellas , textile bags , sports T-shirts and pants , polo shirts , jackets , towels and other materials. Most products can be print here or tied.

For more information, please contact us.

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