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Teesky Partnership

The basic objective and purpose of the Teesky project:

Teesky enables advertising and promotion of partners with the use of their brander t-shirts.

On the website, the partner acquires:

  • web links
  • live links and content presentation
  • live links and content in product information or Graphics descriptions
  • advertising through Teesky (articles, blog, social networks …)
  • mutual advertising including cooperation with different partners (cooperation and integration)
  • exposure options on the site, on social networks and on google

Tips for compiling a good SEO description for presenting a partner and graphics on t-shirts:

  • the title of the design should be repeated in full in the product description.
  • Do not repeat any keyword in the text more than 3x.
  • Do not copy the text, but write it especially for Teesky. Google doesn’t like copies and often blocks both original and duplicate pages.
  • Keywords should be related to what you stand for and also to the graphics itself
  • select keywords according to your advertising purpose – promotion, branding, invitation to your website, sales

Who can be a Teesky partner?

Teesky partner can be any person or company who wants to promote themselves through products, like t-shirts, printed with their unique graphics.

Graphics can be directly linked to your own Brand. Or you can prepare them a bit differently and look for your unique t-shirt style. However, they may be designed to connect and strengthen the basic brand under which you already sell different products or services. This is higly reccomended.

Method of payment of commissions

The partner is free to determine the amount of commission and the method of payment.


  • no commision – appearance on the portal is considered as a way of advertising the partner
  • the commission is donated to a chosen charitable organization or one of the organisations working with Teesky.
  • The commission is paid on the basis of the invoice issued at the agreed time interval and in the manner agreed.

Payment methods that are currently available:

  • PayPal
  • transfer to a bank account
  • issue of credit for the purchase of Gajcom products

Price of Teesky t-shirts

There is always a fixed basic Teesky price of products that Teesky can change at any time. This price includes: a high-quality t-shirt, high quality print, VAT, advertising and promotions. Teesky devotes, at its sole discretion, a share of the price to advertising.


Teesky will be using Partners logos and graphics designs to be sold exclusively on products that are agreed upon. In doing so, Partner expressly agrees that all graphics can be stored on Gajcom d.o.o. local and cloud servers. The partner can terminate the contract with Teesky at any time – terminating the contract automatically also means deleting all graphics and logos from servers and online stores.

The partner undertakes to put for sale only graphics for which it has copyright, which may be transferred for the purpose of sale to Gajcom d.o.o. In the event of damages actions or claims, the copyright of the designs, content and logos is the responsibility of the partner.

Gajcom d.o.o. undertakes to act responsibly with the logos and graphics of all partners and to protect copyright, and to sell graphics entrusted to it exclusively through the online store, with consistent sales statistics recorded.


Teesky takes care of his own brand advertising, and thus also exposes the brands of its partners.

The partner agrees that Teesky may use its products and trademarks in advertising campaigns at any time without prior notice. It is desirable that the partner participates in advertising campaigns related to his brand and products:

  • posts on their profiles (FB, Instagram, Linkedin, google…, website, web store…)
  • participates in paid advertising


The partner has the possibility of additional exposure on the Teesky website. Some of these services are associated with additional cost.

  • Banner
  • newsletter (newsletters)
  • blog (contributed by partner)
  • interview

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