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Screen printing nut garderoba

VISION Garderoba

In the Wardrobe , we are aware that a print T-shirt is a reflection of the one who gives it away. All our employees make sure that our customers make a really good impression with a gift from the Wardrobe. We do our work with enthusiasm, imagination and, above all, dedication.

Our MISSION is to take care of our well-being and joy of work, as we create a relaxed work environment and a creative team.

You can order UNIQUE PRINTED T-SHIRTS through our design tool . Simply upload your picture or a picture of a friend, and we will mask the same day print or. The print is durable, so you can wash them in the washing machine. They are also available in larger quantities, for example for companies and clubs.

We have already prepared a few designs, maybe you will like some.

You can browse our suggestions here . We are always happy for your suggestions – let us know your wishes by e-mail and we may prepare a new design for the regular offer.

Among other things, there are interesting design created by our Teesky partners, for example Mlekarna Krepko allows you to choose your 100% word.

The team that takes care of your physical and emotional health, Complete life has prepared T-shirts with the inscription I AM Complete . Also a very appropriate gift at this time.

Of course, all T-shirts can also be made in larger quantities. You can order them here or send us an email at info @ garderoba .si

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