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“Thank you so much for your responsiveness and willingness to help. You are the best and I will certainly order products from you again. ”
“I received the sweater today. Crazy good! 🙂 Thank you and best regards ”
"Hello, the t-shirt arrived. It is very beautiful. Thank you for your effort and have a nice weekend. ”
When I arrived at Garderoba, I was warmly welcomed by the staff. I immediately noticed that they have already made catalogs with prints according to the upcoming event, so the choice was not difficult. I opened the catalog and told them what I wanted. They advised me to print in white as it is more visible. There were folded t-shirts on the shelves depending on the size so I only looked for the right t-shirt color for each family member. The choice of colors ranges from classically soft to beautiful vibrant colors. I was with them for three days in a row, because every day I just remembered at home who else I could give a t-shirt to. The employees were very flexible and put me on the priority list the next day and printed the T-shirts in half an hour! I definitely recommend printed t-shirts from to anyone who has trouble choosing gifts or organizing an event. You can organize a bachelorette party, a surprise party or want to give someone a birthday T-shirt with a humorous print. The choice is huge and the response is invaluable!
"Greetings, joooooooooj… great !!!!! Black is great! ”
"Hello, the t-shirt arrived. It is very beautiful. Thank you for your effort and have a nice weekend. ”
"Thank you for your kindness and excellent service and thank you for the lollipops."
“Hello, I arranged it myself. Thank you very much for changing the T-shirt. You are a team player and I will not forget this service. Have a nice day and keep going. ”
"Hi, I received my T-shirt, it is great, thank you and thank you for the lollipop 🙂"
Hello! I just received the package. Thank you very much for sending, the print is great. Greetings,
Because people already have everything they want, choosing gifts is getting harder and harder. However, since I am in a special situation and expecting a baby, I decided on a special t-shirt design. I gave the whole family T-shirts with prints for the holidays. So I didn't tell them the news in the usual way, but I gave them T-shirts with print: Well, now I'm going to be grandpa, grandma, best aunt and uncle.
“Hello, I received the T-shirt yesterday. Really fast and is like a copy paste of the desired graphics, to zero. I am very satisfied, thank you for the quick printing. Greetings"
“Really thank you very much. If you were nearby, I would like to bring you chocolate as a thank you, because you are really very kind. ”
“Hello, I got the Sweater and I am very happy with it! Anyone who made the text knows exactly what I meant by Get Rich or Die Tryin, thank you again and I can say that you are the fastest, cheapest and most accurate in terms of printing, I already had a sweater ordered from somewhere else and I was not satisfied! Thanks again and best regards. ”
“Hello, I am sending you an inscription in the attachment, which should pe printed on the T-shirt. I would also like to thank you as you really try to make the t-shirts look their best. In addition, you also reply to e-mails regularly, which is a rarity for companies. If anyone needs a T-shirt, I will definitely recommend you. ”
“Hello, I got the mug, it’s wonderful, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything, for your responsiveness, professionalism, kindness… stay that way. Greetings!"
“I received it! It’s gorgeous, I’m completely satisfied! Thanks also for the beautiful gift! 🙂 ”
“The T-shirt arrived on time and the surprise worked. Thank you for everything :)"
“Hello. I have no complaints or questions, but I want to give you my appreciation. Your products are really awesome, as well as you entire staff."
“Hello! Today I received a package of t-shirts and pillows, it’s wonderful! Very very satisfied and I will definitely work with you in the future "
“We just received T-shirts, they look great. Thank you very much again for your flexibility and kindness! ”
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