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Teesky General Terms and Conditions


is part of the Wardrobe (online store for a unique print t-shirt), which is owned by the company Gajcom doo (Supply and printing of good T-shirts), so for customers Teesky or. Wardrobes are subject to the general terms and conditions of the company Gajcom doo

On this page, we have gathered some important information and general terms and conditions that apply to Teesky partners, potential partners and will probably be of interest to those who buy Teesky products and thus support our partners.

Teesky are stories on t-shirts.

Stories are contributed by companies, clubs, societies, creators, sole proprietors and artists who become our partners. Partners have good ideas for design on T-shirts that people will like to wear and prefer to give to their friends, they can present these design on Teesky. Some partners create the design themselves (painters, photographers, designers), others seek help for this part. Everything counts – the only thing that matters is that all design that the partners entrust to Teesky for sale are copyrighted or that the partners have copyrighted rights for them.
Teesky, on the other hand, is committed to treating the design of the partner carefully.
Teesky is hosted in the online store www. garderoba .si, which deals with the marketing of quality products (especially T-shirts and hoodie ) with unique and personalized print . Individual categories of design for different occasions have already been created in the store, in which design for gifts are placed. Teesky partners each get their own category within Teesky, where they also present themselves in more detail, and at the same time their design are connected to other relevant categories, where customers can also find them.


We provide commissions to all partners, we adjust the commission system to the partner’s wishes and cooperation, so the amount of commission also depends on how much the partner is engaged for ever new content – not only for ever new products for sale, but also for various publications, links …

Probably you also decided to participate in Teesky for one of the following reasons:

T-shirt advertising

Along with your design , you also tell people your business story. Your logo may also be included. T-shirts are still the most popular promotional product. With the help of Teesky, this type of T-shirt advertising will be completely free for you, and it will bring you additional benefits. For more information on what it means to own a brand on t-shirts, join the Fb group My brand on t-shirts or follow the posts of this group here .

Online advertising with t-shirts

We all need good visibility online. Links between credible websites are useful, as browsers take them into account and often assess the credibility of the site on the basis of these so-called backlinks. Backlinks need to be up-to-date, so we encourage our partners to periodically check that their links are still working properly.

Earnings with T-shirts

T-shirts are an important gift product. If a partner offers an interesting design for sale with original, fresh ideas suitable for gifts on various occasions, he will be noticed and his products will sell well. For partners who have an agreed commission with Teesky, in this way they earn or. provide an additional source of income.

Charity T-shirts

Some partners waive the commission in favor of the chosen charity or for some other purpose. In this way, we create even more insightful and interesting stories.

Co-creating with t-shirts

Do you simply have good ideas that people would like and would like to offer to people at no cost, even though you don’t care about earning money? Take advantage of Teesky as an additional way of promotion.

Teesky shema

How to start your Teesky partnership?

1. Introduce yourself:

Teesky is an online collaboration project. Together, we create web links that enhance visibility in browsers for partners and for Teesky. You could say that Teesky is actually a merch portal.

We want a lot of links on the site (collaborations between different partners, sweepstakes, blog), but of course also between different websites (link between Teesky and partner, social networks, media, blogs, an example of good practice is the blog portal www.darilokisezuje. si , where some Teesky partners are already presented …). We support this basic goal with excellent content that will bring partners even closer to people.

You will not enter anything into the online store yourself. Send all information to Mitja will help you create your Teesky account. If you have any problems with the information, tell us – we are happy to help you at all levels.

– Tell us your email address to access your online store account. You will be able to track sales statistics in this account.

– Send us your logo or sign, which can be placed in the online store, or it can be printed as part of the graphics on T-shirts, if applicable.

– Send us your picture or presentation graphics, this is especially important if you are also involved in making news articles (blog), which is of course recommended for all partners. The space for publishing on the blog is available to you at any time completely free of charge.

– Describe your activity and your intention to participate in Teesky. The description should be short and concise, and should contain as many keywords as possible that are important for the promotion of your brand. Also include links to your sites, social networks, and any other information that is important to you, and will help customers learn more about you.

– You can determine in which categories in the online store your individual design should appear.

All your products will be published under your brand, ie as a Teesky Partner of your brand. You will get completely your own category in the online store www. garderoba .si.
At the same time, we will place your products in the classic categories of online shopping at your discretion – but of course you can also help us with this. Write down for each product separately, in which categories you think it should be. The number of categories is not limited.

– Add meaningful descriptions to all design . Write a short description for each product separately. The description is intended for web browsers to find you, so also include keywords such as print ana t-shirt, print on t-shirt, graphics on t-shirt, t-shirt for gift, t-shirt printing, gift t-shirt, t-shirt for mom, t-shirt for valentine … And words that apply specifically to you and your product.

At the same time, the product description also convinces customers to buy your t-shirt. Help them with advice on why, on what occasion and especially for whom they can buy your T-shirt. Tell people what problem you are solving. Let’s say – a birthday present for a mother-in-law can often be a big problem. Can you imagine that Anja, who doesn’t like her mother-in-law very much, but is still grateful to her because she often looks after her children, wants to buy her a present? Anja will be thrilled if you say just that in the description of your design: Surprise your mother-in-law with a T-shirt that shows all the emotions you are trying to cultivate towards her … Sometimes a t-shirt says more than a thousand of your words 🙂

The picture is even more important than the description. If you are going to prepare the pictures yourself, stick to the format.

The picture needs a very good description. Enter the name of the design, the name of your brand, the name of the product in the name of the image. That is, the name of the picture can be, for example: Printed T-shirt for the birthday of a bear and a girl, my brand teesky.jpg.

Don’t be afraid if the name of the picture is long. On the Internet, people most often search for pictures. However, algorithms still find the content of the image most often by describing the image.

Fill out this form for more information.

2. Introduce yourself through products

The T-shirt is a very grateful product for promotion,

and if we equip it with design , it can bring top-notch advertising to a partner and achieve a whole range of additional goals.

With this project, the Teesky team completes many years of experience in creating good business and private gifts, quality printing, a wide selection of good products, and an enthusiastic belief in the power of connecting people, projects, companies …

Usually, Teesky partners opt for t-shirts first, then add mugs , hats, bags and other products. You can see which products are currently available in regular sales here.

All of these products can also be used by you as our partners.

Our leaflet, which is actually a thought pattern for Teesky partners, can help you choose and prepare a design . Always determine your motives first on the basis of your values, only then try to involve your activity concretely. On the one hand, we hunt down the widest possible audience – that is, people who buy T-shirts for gifts. On the other hand, people are also looking for very specific gifts, such as a birthday gift for a surveyor, turner, roofer, teacher, dancer, dentist …

Ideally, the design should be prepared by your designer. This way you will have something truly unique, special, colorful on your skin. It can also prepare images for publication in the correct size.

If you need help with the design and / or want us to prepare the presentation images for you, let us know .

The product description is very important. Usually our partners have no problem preparing descriptions. However, if you find yourself in a quandary, let us know, we will help you find someone who can prepare descriptions for you. We also set up a brand for text preparation, which we named Metaverz .

How Much Money Does a T-Shirt Make?

The price list is a business secret and we prepare it individually for each partner. Regular prices are set for all products, which may change over time. We determine the scale of commissions and for each partner separately
we determine all other conditions of participation. We always make sure that we are all satisfied.

Of course, we take more time for partners who are more involved in various activities. Namely, the goal of the Teesky project is networking – creating backlinks, onsite and offsite, and thus strengthening the position on browsers for the partner and also for Teesky.

Teesky’s general terms and conditions are at the same time a contract between Teesky and its partners, and are made public.

We are not hiding anything and we want t-shirt buyers to know our “secret purposes” :).

We believe that over time we will have to adjust the contract, sometimes on our own, other times on your own initiative. We will notify the partners of any changes and ask you to confirm with a click or two that you have read and agree with the news.

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Merch are products that attract new customers and spread the recognition of your brand in an unobtrusive way.

The most common product for this type of promotion are T-shirts. If you equip them with your messages (logos, graphics or inscriptions), they represent an additional offer, which does not depend on your regular offer or condition it.

Of course, merch nicely rounds off your story and further reinforces it.

All Teesky Partners together and individually design various products for gifts or promotion, with which we help potential customers to find interesting gifts and at the same time promote ourselves in a fun way.

The Teesky team helps you get really quality products and flawless printing, so you can create your own stories in peace.

The links on our website mean better visibility for your partners in browsers.

Teesky letak 1
Teesky letak 2
Teesky letak 3
Teesky letak 4

The Teesky team is always at your disposal:

Technical assistance: Mitja

Substantive assistance: Darja

Design: Dreams

Order processing: Tjaša

For a better Teesky effect:

  1. share your Teesky products on your social networks.
  2. share the products of other Teesky partners on their social networks.

  3. invite Teesky to participate in your promotions and sweepstakes.

  4. Let us know when something interesting happens to you so we can work with you.

  5. invite other Teesky partners to participate in your projects

  1. contribute your news and blogs whenever you can.

  2. advertise your products yourself

  3. attend our meetings and share your good ideas with other partners.

When you’re three people

they exchange with each other

each his own idea

each leaves with three ideas.

The main goal and purpose of the Teesky project:

Teesky is an online store for the sale of advertising materials of Partners ( merch ) and advertising and promotion of Partners. Marketing with the help of T-shirts and other uniquely print products that are suitable for gifts.

On the website, the Partner obtains:

  • online store with its own brand of T-shirts and other products within the established online store with unique and personalized print T-shirts and other products www. garderoba .si
  • web links (backlinks, onsite and offsite links)
  • live links and content presentation
  • live links and content in product information or Graphics descriptions
  • advertising through Teesky (articles, blog, social networks …)
  • mutual advertising including cooperation with different partners (cooperation and integration)
  • exposure options on the site, on social networks and on google

Who can be a Teesky partner?

A Teesky partner can be any legal or natural person who wants to promote themselves with the help of products print with their unique graphics. Graphics can represent a brand for the purpose of selling products (advertising products or merch). However, they may be designed to connect and strengthen the basic brand under which you already sell different products or services. This is higly reccomended.

Method of payment of commissions

The partner is free to determine the amount of commission and the method of payment.


  • there is no commission – appearing on the portal is considered as a way of advertising the partner, and the products are sold in accordance with the currently valid Teesky price list (basic Teesky price).
  • the commission is donated to a chosen charitable organization or one of the organisations working with Teesky.
  • The commission is transferred on the basis of the issued invoice in the agreed time interval and in the manner agreed by the partner with teesky, it can also be in the form of a credit for the purchase of products in Gajcom doo

The commission is calculated from successfully sold products, ie products for which the purchase price has been paid in full. Any complaints are settled by Gajcom at his own expense, and the commission is paid only from the purchase price received and not from the products that were made as a solution to the complaint. For products not taken over by the customer, no additional costs are charged to the Partner, and no commission is charged – a subsequent settlement is possible in cases where the commission was charged, but then the transaction was not successfully completed.
Gajcom doo prepares commission calculations once a month until 18. in the month for the previous month, unless Partner and Gajcom agree otherwise.

There are currently ways to pay commissions based on an invoice issued by a partner:

  • PayPal
  • transfer to a bank account
  • issue of credit for the purchase of Gajcom products

Basic Teesky price

There is always a fixed basic Teesky price of products that Teesky can change at any time. This price includes: a quality T-shirt chosen by Teesky, one-position printing, VAT, advertising and promotions – the amounts are determined by Gajcom at its discretion. The regular price includes products that are always available through the online store www. garderoba .si. In the event that Teesku’s partner wants different products that are not (yet) in the regular offer, Partner and Gajcom agree on this separately.


Teesky will be using Partners logos and graphics designs to be sold exclusively on products that are agreed upon. He expressly agrees that all graphics submitted for sale may be stored on local and cloud servers of Gajcom doo Partner may terminate the contract with Teesky at any time – termination of the contract automatically means deleting all graphics and logos of the Partner from servers and web shops.

The Partner undertakes to sell only graphics for which it has copyrights, which can be transferred for the purpose of sale to Gajcom doo In the event of claims or claims, the Partner is responsible for the copyrights of the designs, content and logos.

Gajcom doo undertakes to handle the logos and graphics of all Partners responsibly and protect copyrights, and to sell products with graphics entrusted to it for sale exclusively through the online store www. garderoba .si, where sales statistics are consistently recorded. For the purposes of promotions and prize games, Gajcom may also use the designs of Partners on products for prizes or. gifts – this use is free (Partner contributes design, Gajcom products and printing), but the amount is determined by a written agreement (e-mail).


Teesky devotes, at its sole discretion, a share of the price to advertising. Teesky takes care of its own brand advertising, as well as exposing its partners ’brands.

The partner agrees that Teesky may use its products and trademarks in advertising campaigns at any time without prior notice. It is desirable that the partner participates in advertising campaigns related to his brand and products:

  • posts on their profiles (FB, Instagram, Linkedin, google…, website, web store…)
  • participates in paid advertising


The partner has the possibility of additional exposure on the Teesky website. Some of these services are associated with additional cost.

  • Banner
  • newsletter (newsletters)
  • blog
  • interview

Tips for compiling a good SEO description for presenting a partner and graphics on t-shirts:

  • The title of the design should be completely repeated in the description of the design, it should represent the first part of the sentence of the description
  • Do not repeat any keyword in the text more than 3x.
  • Do not copy the text, but write it especially for Teesky. Google doesn’t like copies and often blocks both original and duplicate pages.
  • Keywords should be related to your business and also to the graphics themselves
  • Choose keywords according to your purpose of advertising – promotion, brand strengthening, invitation to your website, sales
  • Compositions should be 600 words long.
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